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The first birthday’s cake for my son

My biggest effort...

This is the first time that I bake a birthday cake for my son, and I hope that this won’t be the last one. 

To be honest, I have asked a pastry chef to make it for me… but due to plenty of reasons it wasn’t possible.

So, it was Carla Alvarado who encouraged and helped me to prepare this idea. She explained to me what type of cake and cream were the most appropriate for this occasion. She guided me about what ingredients to buy and stayed with me during the entire preparation process… So I am proud to say that I was able to make it thanks to her.

I have baked two cakes like the one in the picture following the recipe from “Quiero Cupcakes“.
I have explained the recipe I followed to make the pastry cream in another post…
Pastry Cream
I have explained the recipe I followed to make the swiss meringue in another post…
Swiss meringue


Also, I want to share and recommend some of the products I bought to plan my son’s birthday.

If your son is fan of “Cars”, this candle will make him very happy… be careful, he will for sure ask to play with it…

Click the button to find this candle

If you are planning to bake cupcakes you can decorate them with all the figures concerning “Cars” by using these toppers. You will have 24 toppers with all the Disney Cars characters.

Click the button to find the cupcake toppers

And of course, it would be great if you can have the full Kit Party table of Disney “Cars” with plates, glasses and napkin.

Click the button to find the kit
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