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Brownies with recipe The Baking Shop

I decided to bake these brownies in a raining and cold Sunday to enjoy together with my family and to cheer up everyone in the house… and the best, this is a recipe from The Baking Shop.

It was actually a recipe I wanted to prepared few months ago when Carla shared it with me. She said to me “this is an easy recipe that you can make together with your son” and you will see… the result will be having in the table delicious brownies as cupcakes. She was right… it doesn’t take too long to make the brownies and if you follow the recipe as written, you won’t regret…

My only doubt was about finding good chocolate… in a Sunday. I wanted to buy chocolate from latin América, and I was lucky because I bought chocolate from Costa Rica with an exquisite flavor.

Now, if you want to bake the brownies, I leave you to enjoy, read and follow the recipe in The Baking Shop…



Here I drop off some of the preparation pictures.​

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